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Javascript: How to cancel a search mid run?



I am trying to write a simple SPA using JS on the Search Head. I have a page where objects are generated dynamically based on a saved search. When an user clicks on an object, all other objects are hidden and the objects in focus pass data-device attribute to a second search which renders a new panel with data. This is fine except for when the user decides to switch focus mid search and they receive an error.

var poolSearch = new SearchManager({
    id: elementSearch,
    autostart: "true",
    latest_time: "now",
    earliest_time: "-1d@d",
    cache: 'false',
    search: splunkQuery
poolSearch.on('search:done', function(properties) {
                        console.log("DONE!\nSearch job properties:", properties.content);
                        var psearch = splunkjs.mvc.Components.getInstance(elementSearch);
                        var poolResults = psearch.data("results");
                        poolResults.on("data", function() {

I know how to check when a search is done or a search event has occurred, but how to cancel this search mid run?


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Re: Javascript: How to cancel a search mid run?


Never mind on this I found the method. I was glazing over it.


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