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How to use timechart to display failed user login info, sorted by time/date of each login attempt?


I'm trying to display failed user login information by using a timechart but I'm not sure how to show the time and date of the logins for each of the user

This is my code :

source="General-linux-sql.log" AND sourcetype="Linux" AND "Failure Audit" AND "Logon "
| rex "User Name\: (?<User_Name>[^\s]+)"
| timechart count by User_Name

This is the output that I get. Also, how do I change it so that all the users are separated?


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How do I display the time for each of the logins as well?

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you can do the following to see users

  • change area chart to line chart (OR) column chart
  • If you choose line chart, Format -> General -> Multi series mode -> yes

you can play with both chart type & format options to improve look and feel.

Hope this helps



Thanks for the solution! However, now I have another problem with the Y-axis title. The title is now unreadable even though I changed it. Do you have any fix for this?



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Have you tried trellis as visualization? It should work if you have less than 20 user and if more then you must divide those to  group of 20.

r. Ismo

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