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How to search for "*" (asterisk) values in a field?



I have TYPE field, that have a value of *, **, ***.

When I'm trying to |search TYPE="*" (all of the events will be shown, all of the values)
and when I use |regex TYPE="\*" (all of the *,**,** will be shown.)

I need help for searching * ,**, *** in a specific field..

Thank you.

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You can also do something like this:

| eval has_asterisks=if(like(field, "%*%"), 1, 0)
| where has_asterisks=1
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Welp, just came across your question and was wondering the same thing, not great news:

Splunk SPL uses the asterisk ( * ) as a wildcard character. The backslash cannot be used to escape the asterisk in search strings.


We just tried this, and indeed you can use "" in a `where fieldname=""` query, and it will work. No backslash required.

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Try something like this

your base search | where TYPE="*"                  ***to filter rows with TYPE=*
your base search | where TYPE="***"                  ***to filter rows with TYPE=***
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