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How to map an matching result from 1 query to another

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Please help me in this query.
--I have a query which produces result like
uid user ip
1001 xyz
1002 abc
--another query which returns
ip logintime loginLength
xyz 10:00 180
abc 15:00 280

=>how can i combine the result like
uid loginlength
1001 180
1002 280

Thanks !

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first get the first query data i.e uid and user as index=your_index_name | stats count by uid user
then map it with second query as | map search="search index=your_index_name
and then display as | stats first(loginLength) as $uid$

final query is
***index=your_index_name | stats count by uid user
| map search="search index=your_index_name
ip=$user$ | stats first(loginLength) as $uid$
* | transpose"**

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It would be a great help if you posted your searches. Also check out this handy guide on event correlation:


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Without knowing your searches, the suggestion would be this

your first search giving uid, user, ip | append [ your second search  giving ip logintime loginLength ]  | stats values(loginLength) as loginLenght by uid

There may be an option to avoid subsearch, but we can see unless we see your actual searches.

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