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How to generate a search that

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I am looking for Unique users on my Splunk search head cluster
like :

like compare the users change percentage with previous month.

earliest=-60d@d latest=@d index=_audit  NOT user=splunk-system-user NOT user=admin| timechart span=30d dc(user)

thanks advance.

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Re: How to generate a search that


Here's one way...

earliest=-6mon@mon latest=@mon index=_audit 
NOT user=splunk-system-user NOT user=admin
| bin _time span=1mon 
| stats dc(user) as UserCount by _time
| streamstats current=f last(UserCount) as PrevCount
| eval PctIncrease= if(isnull(PrevCount),"100%", tostring(floor(100*(UserCount-PrevCount)/PrevCount))."%")

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