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How to find/tie earlier event field value to event that occurs later?

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Here are the Fields & possible values.

  1. pc_id {1234,5678,9012, etc.....}
  2. pc_connection {lan, wifi, mobile}
  3. pc_error {other, 9999, 7777, bluescreen}

Issue: When a (pc_error) event happens it doesn't report (pc_connection) which is reported in earlier event. (pc_id) reports all (3) fields.

search index=main (pc_id=* OR pc_connection=* OR pc_error="bluescreen")
| stats count eval(pc_error="bluescreen")) AS BlueScreened by pc_connection

Tried streamstats & filldown but no luck.
What is the best method to have (pc_error) stats with (pc_connection)?

Thanks in advance.

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1) There are connection events with pc_id and pc_connection.

2) There are error events with pc_id and pc_error.

3) You want all events where the pc_error value is "bluescreen" linked to the last known pc_connection for that pc_id. Then you want the results to be counted up, by pc_connection.

Try this...

index=main pc_id=* (pc_connection=* OR pc_error="bluescreen")
| rename COMMENT as "That should be all the events.  Limit them to the fields we need, plus _time" 
| fields pc_id pc_error pc_connection

| rename COMMENT as "Kill any mutant events that got through eith a pc_connection and a different pc_error" 
| where pc_error="bluescreen" OR isnull(pc_error)

| rename COMMENT as "Sort and then copy pc_connection values forward across time, then kill pc_connection records" 
| sort 0 pc_id _time
| streamstats last(pc_connection) as pc_connection by pc_id
| where isnotnull(pc_error)

| rename COMMENT as "Now we have only error records.  Stats them up." 
| stats count as BlueScreened values(pc_id) as pc_id by pc_connection

added pc_id to the results.

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try this,

index=main pc_id=* OR pc_connection=* OR pc_error=bluescreen | stats count(pc_error) as bluescreened by pc_connection pc_id

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This resulted in all bluescreened values to = 0.

Table appeared as
pc_connection | Pc_id | bluescreened
lan | 1234 | 0

All (3) events fields do show values and the result should be 46 for bluescreened.
What else can I try?

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