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How to display the exact date from time modifiers?

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I would like to know how to display the exact date of the time modifiers which are specified in the earliest and latest time range.
Eg: earliest=-1q@q latest=@q

We know that this is nothing but the last quarter details, which is earliest =01-01-2019 and latest=31-03-2019.
I am using the time modifier in my query and I want to display the above format date along with my other panels in my dashboard.
This may change according to each quarter/year we select from input.

I am using this in a case condition,

        <eval token="growth_title2">case($result.time_period$=="earliest=-1q@q latest=@q","xxxx", $result.time_period$=="earliest=-1y@y latest=@y", "yyyy")</eval>

The place xxxx and yyyy needed the logic to display the earliest & latest time in date format

Could anyone please help me to display time which is mentioned in time modifier as date format.

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I have no idea what you mean by this. More explanation is required. Perhaps show examples.

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Hi @akarivaratharaj,

Can you please try this:

<eval token="growth_title2">strftime(relative_time(now(), earliest), "%d-%m-%Y")." to ".strftime(relative_time(now(), latest), "%d-%m-%Y")</eval>

For reference:


I modified this for my requirements. Works like a charm.
Thanks and God bless,

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@genesiusj Glad to hear it.


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