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How to build a dashboard for SM9 Incident Reports (CSV File Dump)?

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Hi Team,

I am very new to Splunk and don't have any development knowledge in building the dashboard. We want to do the Incident analysis to our environment. Currently the analysis is performing manually using excel.

Team will be downloading the incident analysis report in CSV format everyday and will update to the serial management about the incident status in the environment. Below mentioned is the CSV:

Field1: Incident Number

Field2: Open Time 

Field3: Closed Time

Field4:  Status: Closed/Open/Inprogress

Field5: Assignment Group

Field6: Affected Service.

From the above fields i want to create a dashboard with multiple panels.

Panel1: Total Incident Count- Month Wise

Panel2: Total Incident Count - Assignment Group Wise Ticket Count

Panel3: Effected Service Count Day/Week/Month Wise
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Re: How to build a dashboard for SM9 Incident Reports (CSV File Dump)?


Okay, so the first step is to ignore the CSV itself, and post the query that is currently producing the data for the CSV.

From that, we can help you build the queries that will be behind the dash panels.

We will also need to know some things about your data and your expectations. For instance, do any incidents stay open more than 30 days? How do you want to account for incidents that cross monthly boundaries, do they get added to all months from opened month to closed month? Does your data have historical data? In other words, if it's assigned to the "Bar" group today, and next week it's assigned to t e"foo" group, does the underlying data remember that it spent a week on "Bar's" desk? or does it remember only the current assignment, status and so on?

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