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How do you sum a field for requests that fail to meet a threshold?

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I am trying to calculate the percentage of requests that fail to meet a threshold. Log events from this app are written every 15mins and summarize the activity during that 15min bucket of time.

The log data looks like this

{"size": 7, "max": 347.62573199999997, "p95": 347.62573199999997, "mean": 260.4413714285714, "min": 217.407228}
{"size": 14, "max": 3173.706056, "p95": 3173.706056, "mean": 917.1338762857142, "min": 160.522461}

The size field represents the number of transactions summarized in that event. I’m having a hard time figuring out how to extract the sum of the size fields for the events whose mean exceeds a threshold of 500. This is what I tried, but it doesn’t work.

mySearch | stats sum(size) as TotalCount, sum(size(eval(mean>500))) as bad | eval SLO=round(bad/TotalCount,4) * 100 | table SLO

Any suggestions?


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Try this!

|your search
| stats sum(size) as TotalCount, sum(eval(if(mean>500,size,0))) as bad 
| eval SLO=round(bad/TotalCount,4) * 100 | table SLO
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Thanks! Works like a charm!

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