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How do I extract this value from my sample data?

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How to extract fdd1895d-63e9-4be2-b78b-ec784b00754f from below:

2016-04-28 15:12:56,939 GMT [transaction_id=201604281112405695][abc-transaction-Id=bf9f140b-09fd-48e5-9555-b8322865a7e3][host_name=xyx] [caller_name=pqr] [request_uri=/abc/def/1.0/ghi/jkl/{id}] [] INFO com.abc.def.ghi.Helper Firing an event to get the results as all operations are in COMPLETE status for Callback Id : fdd1895d-63e9-4be2-b78b-ec784b00754f

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This regex string will do it.

Callback Id : (?<callbackId>[\w\-]*)
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