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Hi Splunkers ,

In my environment , I have three indexers and two search head in which one is master license server. I havent enabled clustering what i have done is only making one license master and other as slaves .
When i checked my search peers list in distributed search settings, i am seeing all my servers listed there .
I dont know how they have come there .
Does any body have any idea or i am missing something .

Help needed .

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You have done correct configuration. When you go to Distributed Search settings, it will list out all the nodes that are part of the distributed architecture, irrespective off whether it's in cluster. All the search heads will get listed as search peers if the configuration is correct.

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from what i have learnt through splunk education training is that "distributed architecture will get active" if i have enabled clustered environment . and in my case i didn't .
But no problem i have found what problem was it .

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