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Correlating fields and printing some fields .


Logger 1: has StartId: 1234, and commitCode as 101.
Logger 2: has EndId: 1234(which is same as start ID), WebOrderID: W789, Ccode: 111(which is Commitcode)
Logger 3: has EndID: 1234, sectionID: 4567

I want to display StartID,commitCode from Logger 1, sectionID from Logger3 and WebOrderID and Ccode from Logger 2. I am doing that only for StartIds that meet this condition "fraud-decision.received" "lineItemOverrides" NOT "lineItemOverrides=()" NOT commitCode=null

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This should get you started.

<your search that meets the given condition> 
| stats values(*) as * by StartId 
| table StartId, commitCode, sectionID, WebOrderID, Ccode
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