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Convert num not working

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Convert does not work

search | convert num(quantity) as Quantity

The quantity field samples are: 1.0000

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

When I run convert on a field name, it does not convert the new field to numeric, it's alpha numeric. I'm running V 7.2.1

search| convert num(Samples.Sample.Depth) as meters

meters shows up with a instead of #. Suggestions?

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When you say it is NOT working, i'm not sure I understand. You provided quantity already as a number, so you won't see the difference

Try below to see the difference. You can see rounding works , sum works etc.

|makeresults | eval quantity="1.0000" | convert num(quantity) as Quantity| eval Quantity=round(Quantity,2)| eval sumQuantity=(1 + Quantity)
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Change that to | eval quantity="1.0000 " (non numeric) if you want to demonstrate any difference.

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