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Can a Splunk alert be triggered by comparing a single integer value returned by two searches?


Is it possible to write two searches, each of which returns a single integer result, and trigger an alert based on whether the value returned by search 1 is greater than the value returned by search 2?


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@jbrenner - Were you able to test out gpradeepkumarreddy's solution? Did it work? If yes, please don't forget to resolve this post by clicking on "Accept". If you still need more help, please provide a comment with some feedback. Thanks!

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You can do all this in one search

search A | append [search B] | compute here...


index=_internal earliest=-20s | stats count as value | append [search index=_internal earliest=-10s | stats count as value] | eventstats sum(value) as Total | eval flag = if((value > (Total-value)),"Y","N") | head 1 | search flag="Y"

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