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Can Splunk handle indexing a CSV file containing more than 6000 fields/columns?


I have a heavily nested structured/dynamic XML event. I converted it to CSV and it generated more than 6000 unique fields (Columns). I noticed splunk is able to detect only a few columns. From the Splunk documentation, the default is set to 512 columns.
I added "maxcols" to limits.conf and still Splunk uses only few columns.
Can splunk handle this many large no of columns?

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sure - I have a csv file I push into splunk every day with 10K columns. I had to set truncation=0 in props to get it work. One catch is that Splunk will not display all the columns as interesting fields. Otherwise works fine.


To show up in the "Interesting fields" list, values have to be populated on 20% of the events. If many or most of your 10K columns are optional data, then they would not appear in the list.

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Please splunknewbie05 can you explicit well your problem ?What do you want to do ?

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There are other limitations.. how long are your lines? Are you truncating them?

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