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Splunk taking wrong time stamp

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I am located in Australia/Sydney time zone and my Splunk is wrongly understanding timestamp sometimes.

When logs are ingested into Splunk e.g. for today’s date 01/06/2021 is misunderstood by Splunk config as 06th of Jan 2021 instead of 1st of June 2021 for some log sources and this issue is happening every month for the first few days.

Majority of my hosts are ingested as 6th of Jan 2021 instead of 1st of June but not all the hosts. I checked the settings for each of the sourcetype and most of them doesn't have any specific setting on time zone or how to read the time stamp. So far the time stamp issue is happening in the first few days of the month and then its auto corrects the new logs by Sydney time zone.

How can I declare the setting globally to ensure all the logs align with the right time zone?

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