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How to add colour feature in dashboard which the value is in the time format

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I did not received the expected result on the below query,
could anyone please check.


In the below dashboard table, I need to set colour condition of 2 columns that is is expected difference and sla_difference.
if expected_difference Is negative it should show in red colour if it is positive it should show in green colour.
same as for sla_difference if it is negative it should be orange if it is positive it should show in green.




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thank you @preotesoiu it worked for me!!

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thank you @preotesoiu it worked for me!!

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you have to edit the xml, see below as example, adjust the colours as need it

<dashboard theme="dark">
<label>test collor pallete</label>
<query>| makeresults
| eval result1="-100", result2 = "23"</query>
<option name="drilldown">none</option>
<format type="color" field="result1">
<colorPalette type="expression">if(like(value,"%-%"),"#65A637", "#FF0000")</colorPalette>
<format type="color" field="result2">
<colorPalette type="expression">if(like(value,"%-%"),"#65A637", "#FF0000")</colorPalette>

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