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How to Migrate to wiredTiger on Windows Server?


I followed the steps under "Migrate the KV store after an upgrade to Splunk Enterprise 8.1 or higher in a single-instance deployment"  on this document https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/8.2.4/Admin/MigrateKVstore#Migrate_the_KV_store_after_a...


When I type in the command ./splunk splunk migrate kvstore-storage-engine --target-engine wiredTiger I get an error that the SplunkD service is not running. 

I then changed the command to ./splunk migrate kvstore-storage-engine --target-engine wiredTiger (removing the first "splunk" word in the command) and no status prompt after entering. I then checked the mongod.log file and it shows no updates in the file.

I know Windows can be a bit finicky with Splunk but is there something that I am missing to get this migration from mmapv1 to wiredTiger working?

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