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Hec token with "Enable indexer acknowledgement" disabled , but the /ack returns success, but expected "ACK is disabled"?


Hi Team,

 Greetings !

I have setup a Splunk on-prem cluster, and data is feed via HEC endpoints.

Here is my HEC token config from inputs.conf


disabled = 0
index = integrationindex
indexes =
token = 7XXXX31-58b6-4cf1-XXXXX62d04f
useACK = 0
sourcetype = json_no_timestamp


And the I  send some data with channel in the header via the /services/collector/raw

And when tried to get the ack using /services/collector/ack as below 

-H "Authorization: Splunk7XXXX31-58b6-4cf1-XXXXX62d04f" \
-H "X-Splunk-Request-Channel: 145f3699-fd99-42d0-8de9-28b06d937020" \
-H 'Cookie: AWSELB=FF6555991411317BBD0C6BAFAEC17450AEAB59750AD6BBA95014FF6232545C060FA98123AD1E3A3006CFDC8289B5ED36B75E48C0BD41396B8FB5F7902DC4C2CA7C3C61AAC3;PATH=/,AWSELBCORS=FF6555991411317BBD0C6BAFAEC17450AEAB59750AD6BBA95014FF6232545C060FA98123AD1E3A3006CFDC8289B5ED36B75E48C0BD41396B8FB5F7902DC4C2CA7C3C61AAC3;PATH=/"' \
-H "Content-Length: 12" \
-H "Connection: Keep-Alive" \
-d '{"acks":[1]}' -k


I expected HTTP -400 {"text":"ACK is disabled","code":14}

but received HTTP - 200 {"acks":{"1":true}}

I'm wondering why?

One side note is, I initially created the HEC token with useACK =1, via CLI.

Later disabled the ACK, via UI. 

Any gurus in this community seen such behavior? 



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