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Allow Different Splunk Users To Configure The Splunk_TA_snow

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Splunk Employee

I am using Splunk_TA_snow in my environment. Can I configure the TA based on user that is logged in? Below is the description of what I am looking for:

  • So let's say there are 2 users: user A and User B.
  • User A configures account X.
  • User B configures account Y.
  • Now, when I login in Splunk with user A I should ONLY see account X  configured and should only be able to use account X.(With current TA I would see both the accounts as well as I would be able to edit both of those accounts. So though I am logged in as user A, I am free to do anything using the account of user B.)
  • Splunk allows role-based configuration for each knowledge object. Ex: for eventtypes I can instruct Splunk who should be able to read it or write it but that doesn't hold true for the accounts that I create in the application.

Is there any way using which I can achieve this?

Thanks, in advance.

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