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Passing fields into multiple searches w/out using Map Cmd


*I would typically use the map command for this, but it's currently broken and support is working to fix it

That being said, I'm trying to take a value from search1, pass it to search2 , grab  a field from that 2nd search, and also pass that to 3rd search. Hopefully one of you lovely people can point me in the right direction.


index=foo | rex field field1

index=boo field2=$field1$ | table src_ip

index=bar src_ip=$src_ip$ | stats  values(domain) etc etc


Any help on this would be supremely appreciated

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index=foo OR index=boo OR  index=bar | rex field field2|eventstats dc(index) as flag1 by field2 |  stats  values(domain) etc etc dc(index) as flag values(flag1) as flag1 by src_ip |where flag1=2 AND flag > 1

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It looks like subsearches may do the job.

  [ index=boo 
    [index=foo | rex field field1 | rename field1 as field2 | format]
  | return src_ip ]
| stats  values(domain) etc etc
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