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How to create query for showing when was a Notable alert assigned and calculate SLA based off that?


Hi, I need to report on when a Notable alert was changed from the default "unassigned" status to " Acknowledged" status and from Acknowledged to "Resolved" along with the time difference it took between each status.  Basically, we are trying to create a dashboard of all alerts whose SLA was missed.

We have an SLA for 10 mins for a notable alert to be picked up,  meaning an analyst should change its default "unassigned" status to " Acknowledged" status.  Likewise,  there is SLA for 30 mins to further change from Acknowledged to Resolved. 

Running the following query, Splunk shows the _time value for each alert when it was Acknowledged and when Resolved.   But it does NOT show when the alert was triggered/generated.   So that does not leave me with any starting point to compare against.



| `incident_review`
| table _time rule_id rule_name owner reviewer status_label
| where _time > relative_time(now(),"-1d@d") 
| eval Status_Time=strftime(_time,"%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S")




_time rule_id rule_name owner reviewer status_label
07 July 2022 08:00:00 xxxxx AWS001_xx John John Acknowledged
07 July 2022 08:10:00 xxxxx AWS001_xx John John Resolved
07 July 2022 08:01:00 yyyyy AWS002_xx Jerry Jerry Acknowledged

1)  How can i compose a query to show me list of all alerts (rule_name) which were acknowledged more than 10 mins late and resolved more than 30 mins late ?

I am assuming this will involve some eval  logic to calculate difference between acknowleged_time minus Triggered_time and checking if the difference is > 10 mins . If it is, then eval SLA_status = breached else SLA_Status= met .   Likewise for resolved_time as well.

I am assuming a lot of you ES folks must be doing this kind of SLA metrics tracking some way or other.  Kindly assist.

Thanks in advance

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Did you got any progress on this one 😥 ?

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