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How to change the "From" address when an alert email is generated


we are using Splunk Cloud i want to modify from address(Splunk Cloud alerts@splunkcloud.com ) and want to use custom email when an alert email is generated

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you have quite lot of configuration available , but not sure how much admin rights you got with Cloud

Please see the link for configurations : https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/8.0.2/Alert/Emailnotification

The specific one would be:

Send emails as  (Optional) Specify a sender identification, used in the From email header field. Use an email address or a string. Strings are concatenated with @<hostname>, using the hostname specified in alert_actions.conffor the machine sending the email notification or @localhost if no hostname is specified. Defaults to splunk@<hostname> or splunk@localhost if no hostname is specified.

Or via GUI, the base settings are
As an admin go to Settings -> Server settings -> Email settings -> Send emails as and set to proper value.

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