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How to load balance toward DSP cluster - What are network prereq for DSP cluster ?

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Splunk Employee


Gravity inline documentation mentions the Load Balancing has to be handled outside of their cluster (from a DNS ?). But they are not explicit on the need for a virtual ip address to be set before the installation.

What are the network prerequisites for a DSP installation in a cluster ?

  • Do we need a DNS load balancer ?
  • A VIP set before the installation ?
  • Can we rely on the first node (master/controlplane) IP address, then switch to another ?
  • The low latency network mentioned as good practice between gravity nodes communication in DSP deployment procedure: do we have additional info about its' requirements ?

Then another question :

  • Can I start with a DSP standalone deployment, and make it a cluster later on ?
  • Obviously the standalone would be for testing/demoing while the hacluster would be for production, but this can be usefull for testing as well
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