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Install Universal Forwarder Credentials on Windows


Hello, i want to install the universal installer on a windows 2016 server.  I proceed according to these instructions:


In point 3, reference is made to the installation instructions for Linux.
I downloaded the splunkclouduf.spl
This is the point about Linux or not? Install the following app by entering the following command: / opt / splunkforwarder / bin / splunk install app /tmp/splunkclouduf.spl.
How do I install the credentials for on a Windows machine?
Many thanks!
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i am also facing some issue after running this command on window machine-


also what configuration require on window side to forward logs on splunk cloud as i am new so i am facing this issue from last 3 days 

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This is an old thread so you may be more likely to get responses from a new question.

Have you tried untarring the file rather than using the splunk install command? 7-zip can be used to extract the .spl file to %SPLUNK_HOME%\etc\apps

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Since you're using Windows, you should use the installation instructions for Windows at https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Forwarder/8.2.0/Forwarder/InstallaWindowsuniversalforwarderfro...

Then install the app using the Windows command:

"\Program Files\SplunkUniversalForwarder\bin\splunk.exe" install app \Downloads\splunkclouduf.spl
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This helped me so much. When I say that I've been racking my brain on why this wouldn't work for the last 9 hours. I found this earlier, but I put it in the powershell. I was defeated. I then came back and read this again and saw that you said to put it into the cmd. It worked immediately. I'm so grateful.

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