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Can someone tell me how splunk Victoria is useful?


Hello Splunker!!

Can you please help me out to understand the Splunk Victoria experience. How it is useful in Splunk upgradation for Splunk cloud environment.


Thanks in Advance

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@uagraw01 - Here is all the difference between classic and victoria - https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/SplunkCloud/latest/Admin/Experience

Two main imp points, that will probably affect you:

  • App installation is much faster with Victoria experience
  • Run Inputs on Search Head - You no longer require a separate IDM instance to run Inputs on the cloud, you could do it in SH with Victoria Experience.


I hope this helps!!!


@VatsalJagani Coming to app installation, it will be done by splunk support right, the whole app vetting process and all? does this made to self service in victoria?

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@Roy_9 - With Victoria you should be able to install any Splunkbase App (which is already vetted), you don't have to wait for Splunk support team.

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