Splunk LDAP password update

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We have updated the password for the service account which we use for LDAP authentication. I have updated the new bindDnpassword in authentication file but when I restarted the splunk service the old password has been restored. After I spent some time I have understood that the splunk.secrete file restoring the old password.

I have followed the below steps and still the issue not fixed

1) Ran powershell command
Get-ChildItem -Recurse *.conf | Select-String -Pattern '\$1\$.' -List

etc\apps\SplunkTAwindows\default\transforms.conf:807:FORMAT = abc
etc\system\local\authentication.conf:10:bindDNpassword = xyz
etc\system\local\server.conf:2:sslKeysfilePassword = 123

1) Updated the binddnpassword in authentication

bindDNpassword = xyzi bindDNpassword = newpassword

2) Restarted the splunk service - this time the old value not been restored in authentication file. I can see the value for binddnpassword has been encrypted in authentication file

Still the users unable to access splunk.

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were you using search query in splunk?
were you connecting splunk using the service account?

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