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We are using scripted authentication in our application. We have implemented the authentication script with all the required methods. These are my settings in authentication.conf:

authType = Scripted
authSettings = script

scriptPath = "<path to my script>"
scriptSearchFilters = 1

# Cache results for 1 second per call
userLoginTTL    = 1
getUserInfoTTL  = 1
getUsersTTL     = 1

When I monitor the script logs I am seeing that the getUsers() and getUserInfo() methods get called every 30 seconds even when no user is logged into the application. Can anyone please help me out with these methods and explain why are they being called even when no user is logged in. Am I missing something?



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I noticed the same thing when I wrote an app to perform authentication via RADIUS. In my case, I had my application cache the user info and only update the cache with the information from the server when the user logs in. That way, calls to getUserInfo() don't require a server call.

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