LDAP - shcluster/apps - authorize.conf not showing up in the UI


In a clustered environment roles defined and mapped for LDAP authentication configured in Deployer (shcluster/apps) authentication.conf & authorize.conf , but the role mapping is done in the conf files , but the same is not showing up in the Search Head to the LDAP group ?

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There is no need of a deployer.

On any one Search head of the cluster, you can define an LDAP strategy with 1-2 AD groups and do role mapping.
Wait for some time, the same settings are pushed to the other search heads of the cluster.

It worked for me.

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I have a 5 Search Head cluster and am pushing LDAP authentication.conf & authorize.conf from the deployer to the SH's . The changes are getting pushed to the SH's , and are showing up in the SH's authorize.conf & authenticate.conf , but the mapping of the roles are not showing up in the SH's UI and the roles are not mapped.

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Pls run the btool for authorize and authentication to see if its there or not?

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