Geographically improbable Access Using iplocation


Hi everybody,

I was reading and I am trying to get a better and more simple query to find geographically improbable access.

My environment is not as full as these, I have atm 3 variables

subject=ID of the user
_time=timestamp (doh)
IP=IP address from where they have logged on
from IP I can obtain the fields "lat" and "lon"

Then with some simple string magic I am looking at the following

index=main eventtype="loginevents" subject=*     | fields ip subject _time | iplocation ip  | eval lat=tostring(lat), lon=tostring(lon) | eval latlon=lat.", ".lon | stats count by ip latlon 

My issue is that this results just give me basic statistic data, what i want is to compare the 2 last logins and see how far those 2 locations are, so it would be adding the previous login's lat and lon in different fields, any idea to apply this?

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You can use below query based on Haversine_formula

| dedup user_id, clientip 
| eval time1=_time
| map maxsearches=99 search="search [BASE SEARCH]
    | eval clientip1=$clientip$, time1=$time1$, time2=_time
    | search user_id=$user_id$ clientip!=clientip1
    | dedup user_id, clientip 
    | rename clientip as clientip2"
| where clientip1!=clientip2 
| iplocation clientip1 
| eval lat1=lat, lon1=lon, city1=City, country1=Country 
| iplocation clientip2 
| eval lat2=lat, lon2=lon , city2=City, country2=Country 
| eval rlat1 = pi()*lat1/180, rlat2=pi()*lat2/180, rlat = pi()*(lat2-lat1)/180, rlon= pi()*(lon2-lon1)/180  
| eval a = sin(rlat/2) * sin(rlat/2) + cos(rlat1) * cos(rlat2) * sin(rlon/2) * sin(rlon/2) 
| eval c = 2 * atan2(sqrt(a), sqrt(1-a)) 
| eval distance = 6371 * c 
| eval timestamp1=strftime(time1, "%y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"), timestamp2=strftime(time2, "%y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S")
| table user_id, timestamp1, clientip1, city1, country1, timestamp2,clientip2, city2, country2, distance
| rename distance as "distance in KM"

Sample output:
alt text

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