Infinite number of events from WMI event log

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Hi I'm using 4.2 on Win 2008 R2. Suplunkd is running with domain admin account. When I add my two DCs to get security event logs, it starts indexing forever until it runs out of the license. Each server has a total of about 15k events, but Splunk indexed over 2 millions (!) events from each machine. Here is my conf

[WMI:Security - Domain Controllers]
disabled = 1
event_log_file = Security
index = default
interval = 5
server = xxxdc01, xxxdc02

This was generated by the UI. Any ideas to have it work? Thanks

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If you are polling events from the Windows EventLog via WMI there is an important setting that will correct this behavior for you. The setting is "current_only" which defaults to 0. Setting this to 1 instead will tell Splunk to only collect events that occur while Splunk is running.

Here is an example of "current_only" in use in a wmi.conf:

interval = 10
event_log_file = Security
index = default
disabled = 1
current_only = 1

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