Setup screen screen example using a custom endpoint

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I encounter a similar problem as thread 12702. I followed instruction on 'Setup screen example using a custom endpoint' to create a custom settings of my apps. However I get an error message "Your entry was not saved. The following error was reported: undefined. ", when I save configuration changes on Web UI.

setup.xml is same as the example Splunk provided.

Content of my restmap.conf,


handlertype = python

handlerfile =

handleractions = list, edit

Content of my,

import splunk.admin as admin

import splunk.entity as en

class ConfigApp(admin.MConfigHandler):

def setup(self): if self.requestedAction == admin.ACTION_EDIT: for arg in ['field_1', 'field_2_boolean', 'field_3']: self.supportedArgs.addOptArg(arg)

def handleList(self, confInfo): confDict = self.readConf("appsettings") if None != confDict: for stanza, settings in confDict.items(): for key, val in settings.items(): if key in ['field_2_boolean']: if int(val) == 1: val = '0' else: val = '1' if key in ['field_1'] and val in [None, '']: val = '' confInfo[stanza].append(key, val)

def handleEdit(self, confInfo):

name =
args = self.callerArgs

self.writeConf('appsettings', 'setupentity',

admin.init(ConfigApp, admin.CONTEXT_NONE)

My envirnment is fedora 14 with splunk 4.2 upgraded from 4.17

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The error messages in the user interface are oftentimes ambiguous. The best way to find the core problem is to do a search for the errors in the internal index. This will reveal the complete stack trace (including the exact line that caused the error).

Below is an example:

index=_internal error

(BTW: I'm posting this despite the fact the person who asked the question found the answer in case others are trying to debug similar issues)

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It's not a problem anymore. I Moved the apps to another splunk 4.2, and it runs well.

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