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I'm using Splunk Cloud with an HEC configured via Settings --> Data Inputs --> HTTP Event Collector
I can submit an event via curl, but when attempting to send via AWS Firehose, it fails with an SSL error.
It appears that the SSL cert installed on the HEC is a self-signed certificate.

How can I get the Splunk Cloud HEC configured with a valid cert?

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I would recomend you use a Heavy Forwarder as your HEC endpoint, then send your data on to the Splunk Cloud via normal forwarder method.
A ticket would need to be raised with the Splunk Cloud team, to get the Certificate fixed.
If you do this via a heavy forwarder, look through this section of the manual "AboutsecuringyourSplunkconfigurationwithSSL"

If you would like a good presentation to talk you through setting up, this is a simple guide around the SSL certificate. Best Practices Configuration for Splunk SSL

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