Splunk 5 and new PDF built-in feature


The output of the new PDF engine is not as pretty as the one generated by the PDF Report Server App. That's fine to replace an existing feature with a built-in one (especially for Windows guys in this case) but only if the new one is equal or better than the old one (i.e. do not follow Apple Maps examples).

How can we re-enable the PDF Report app for standard reports? I send reports to my business departments, that's a serious question.


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Yes, so far I've found that you can still generate PDFs of advanced xml dashboards if you use the schedule PDF button and view it first, this will use the PDF server instead of the PDF generator but yes, I agree that its pretty poor.

Have a look here, and feel free to add your thoughts, agree etc. I'm hoping that for the next version they will be adding the ability to format it better or use the formatting in the dashboard.

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Thanks Drainy. Actually, my dashboards are simple dashboards so I have no other choice than using the built-in version 😞 And I don't really want to modify all my dashboards so they become advanced dashboards.

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