Scheduled PDF delivery - ssLink unavailable


1) Using temporary enterprise license 2) Installed PDF Server 3) Tested using debug/pdf, working OK, can see PDF rendering in python.log 4) Scheduled PDF delivery of dashboard 5) Dashboard takes approx 1 minute to generate, set timeout in pdf_server.conf to 300 6) Scheduled delivery fails. Email and python.log say "Can't attach PDF - either ssLink or sessionKey unavailable". No sign of PDF rendering in python.log. 7) Debugged, ssLink is not populated by argvals.get("sslink") 8) Checked alert_actions.conf, sslink is supposed to be populated with $results.url$ but is not

Any ideas?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Go under file /etc/systems/local/alert_actions.conf:

Modify the parameter under email by adding "sslink=$results.url$" :

[email] command = ${default=""}$ "sslink=$results.url$"

You should start to receive your PDF's.

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I have the same issue but my email command already has that.

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