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What's New in Splunk Cloud Platform 8.2.2202?!

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi there 😄  We are stoked to share what we have included in our new release, Splunk Cloud Platform 8.2.2202!

For Analysts

  • Dashboard Studio enhancements
    • Option to set default token values in drill-down actions
    • Improved resolution of multi-select input token values
    • Ability to bulk update to newer visualizations that provide greater flexibility and configurability

For Admins

  • Easier removal of unsupported hotlinked imports using a Server Settings feature to restrict unsupported internal libraries
  • Increased workload management flexibility with support for the wildcard command with index, user, and role
  • Cloud Monitoring Console improvements
    • Added detail to search type breakdowns and included subsearches on the following:
      • Searches by Type (Last 24 Hours) panel of the Overview dashboard
      • Searches panel of the Search Usage Statistics dashboard
    • New alerts on the Alert Panel: New Data in Index Specified as "lastchanceindex", Storage Capacity Exceeds 80%, SVC Utilization Exceeds 80% for 3 Hours
    • New restoration information panels on the Storage Summary and Searchable Storage (DDAS) dashboards: Restored Entitlement, Restored DDAS Usage, Restored DDAS Usage Percent

For more details 🔎, take a look at the cloud platform release notes.

Your SaaSy (Splunk-as-a-Servicey) Updates,

Judith - Splunk Cloud Platform



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