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What's New in Splunk Cloud Platform 8.2.2107?!

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hello, hello! I'm excited to share with you the 🆕 updates in Splunk Cloud Platform 8.2.2107!

For Analysts

  • Biased language has been removed from the knowledge bundle replication workflow.
  • The "makeresults" command includes two new "format" and "data" options to more efficiently generate events from inline JSON/CSV data.
  • The Federated Search settings has an updated UI for easier index connection setup and management for hybrid customers.

For Admins 

  • There is now Universal Forwarder compatibility with the new logD sources standard for MacOS.
  • The Python Update Readiness App is included to confirm Python 3 migration readiness and provide ongoing Python 3 support for public and private apps and will be integrated within every release.
  • The Cloud Monitoring Console (CMC) has been updated to include hourly SVC consumption in the Workload Pricing dashboard with 6 new hourly views- ingest, search count, search type, users, roles, and apps.
  • See all the updates in the CMC app release notes

For more details 🔎, take a look at the cloud platform release notes.

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Your SaaSy (Splunk-as-a-Servicey) Updates,

Judith - Splunk Cloud Platform

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