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Has anyone brought Prometheus data into Splunk?


Hey there, our private cloud team currently uses Prometheus to monitor system level data. I was wondering if anyone has been able to interface that data with Splunk instead of what their native integration point? I will be honest, I haven't played with prometheus and should probably do that, but here is the use case that was posed:

As way to visualize, monitor, alert on application metrics, infrastructure, etc.. Currently the solution is to stand up grafana, alertmanager and prometheus.

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Yes using
Very good.
I used it with federate endpoint but there are other options out of the box but above all get's the job done.
I recommmend it, as it is also open source.

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Hi @paimonsoror, my company is working on such solution. The main reason we are going to build an interface between metrics exposed to Prometheus and Splunk - to include better monitoring of Kubernetes and OpenShift clusters in Splunk. Curious if you are using Prometheus for different reasons?
Our plan is to have this release in a month. You can find more information about us, and my email is

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