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User unable to select custom summary index


Hi dear Splunkers,

I was spending hours to find and answer in docs or here, but still not got anything satisfying so far.

Problem statement:

We have users which role:
- alllows access to all non internal indexes on the cluster
- allows them sheduling searches
- allows shedule searches

However, it still can not add custom summary index to a sheduled report

indexes are defined on both, sh and idx and admin is able to select indexes.

I think nearest I was able to find was Custom summary index not showing up in "select the summary index" dropdown ( but it is from 2013 and I do not want to to grant indexes_edit capability to users just to be able to write in custom created summary index.

Any ideas?

we use SPlunk 7.1.3 at the mment and about to go to 7.3.3 (so solution for 7.3.3 will be good enough)

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You will need to add your summary index name to available indexes (or indexes searched by default) to your user/role.

An upvote would be appreciated and Accept Solution if it helps!


Thanks for the answer. I was considering this issue based on the post found in this forum, but summary indexes on our cluster are searchable by the users, so it should not be an issue.

Interesting enough another users was able to use different summary index. In our set up these two users belong to different roles (based on ldap mapping), but both are inheriting same generic role with same capabilities (summary indexes are named *-summary-shared):

importRoles = user

srchIndexesAllowed = *-shared;*-appevent


So, still not clear for me why it is happening 


So, I woudl 

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