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Return only some key from KvStore through API.

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Hi Splunkers,

In order to update, delete or create entries in KvStore only when it's necessary, i'm looking to get the list of "_key" fields of a collections to compare them with the set of new "_key". And all of that with the REST API.

Is there any solution without usage of search ?

Thank's you for your awnser 😃

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You can use query parameter in the the GET request
for example: when you will be running
curl -X GET https://SPLUNK_SH:8089/servicesNS/nobody/SH_APP/storage/collections/data/KVSTORE_COLL?query={%20%22$and%22:%20[{%22def_id%22:{%22$gt%22:1049}},{%22def_id%22:{%22$lt%22:1060}},{%22sla_status%22:%220%22}]}
it is an URL encoded { "$and": [{"def_id":{"$gt":1049}},{"def_id":{"$lt":1060}},{"sla_status":"0"}]} query, and you will get all the items that their def_id is 1050-1060 AND sla_status = 0.
Once you have the _key of all the items you want update, just submit the new full content of the items, since it's actually overwrite, and there is no update as such, you will need to re-submit all the "data" fields with their values

For more information please refer (to the official documentation) here or (my understanding) here


If you want to see _key, you will need to rename it like so:

|inputlookup kvstore_collection | eval key = _key | table *

Hope this helps!

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