Upgrade form 6.5 to 8.1 using the AWS Marketplace.


We are on Splunk Enterprise 6.5 and would like to upgrade to 8.1.2 using the AWS Market place AMI. What are the important factors that I need to keep in mind and if you have any steps to migrate the Data from 6.5 to 8.1.2. Greatly appreciated...



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Hi @somramsam,

You can't directly upgrade Splunk from 6.5 to 8.1.2. First, upgrade your instance to 7.2x then upgrade to 8.1.2. Read the doc before upgrading your instance link was provided below.


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@Vardhan , thank you. But the thing is we would like to spin up the 8.1.2 marketplace instance form AWS and migrate the data and the components over from a 6.5 EC2. Would we be able to perform these tasks without any issues? If you have any migration tools or a process to perform these tasks?

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As @Vardhan said, you must go through 7.2 as there is some internal modifications which must apply to buckets.

You could try to install that middle version to ec2 instance then stop it, copy (with rsync) data from original node to it, stop original instance, sync data with rsync again to this middle instance, start it when it do needed modifications to buckets. After yo7 have verified that it works ok, then do the same with market place version. 

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I'm understanding the process of upgrade but where are you reading this information pertaining to the internal modification to buckets. I have some end users who want to know specifically as to why the need to do the intermediate jump.

Theres a lot of Splunk docs that explains the need to but doesn't go into why

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