Splunk UF install via Intune


Looking for some advice please!

I have pushed Splunk UF via MS Intune to all domain laptops. All looks well with config file and settings for reporting server and ports set.

On an example machine, go to services, SplunkForwarder is running.

These logs are meant to be pushed to our CyberDefence 3rd party.  However, it seems Splunk has no rights to send logs (possibly due to 'Log on' as settings in SplunkForwarder service).

Has anyone ever encountered this before and resolved, or completed Spunk UF install via Intune?

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Recent versions of the Splunk Universal Forwarder install with a least privileged user that doesn't have the ability to pull Windows event logs by default.  This is different from older versions of the UF which worked differently and could pull all logs by default.  

I'm not familiar with what you can do with Intune, but do you have the ability to specify command line arguments to run with the deployment? I'm thinking you may need to add something like WINEVENTLOG_SEC_ENABLE=1 (or similar). 

See for details along with other supported options. 

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Hi Steven,

I am trying to push SPLUNK UF to Windows and MAC laptops.

Can you please the steps how you did through Intune. It would be lot helpful

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The configs may *look* well, but maybe they aren't.  Share the inputs.conf and outputs.conf settings for a second opinion.

What gave you the impression that Splunk has no rights to send logs?

How are you attempting to send data to the third-party tool?  Have you seen ?

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