License pool daily volume allocation not working on Splunk 6.0.4 on Linux Redhat


Hi all,
I am running Splunk 6.0.4 on linux redhat. I installed an enterprise license and the auto-generated pool was created. However, when trying to set the daily volume allocation, it appears the pool will not go over 0MB. I have a 5GB license and have tried configuring pool in MB and GB, but the pool continues to show as 0MB.
Does anyone know what's wrong?

Other info:
The Splunk Enterprise stack shows, "Effective daily volume" of "0 MB". The enterprise license "Status" shows, "FROM_THE_FUTURE". "auto_generated_pool_enterprise" shows volume used today as, "57 MB / 0 MB".

Thanks for any help.

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This issue was caused by the linux servers not having the correct time configured on them. Basically the servers thought it was 2013 when it was actually 2014. This caused the enteprise license not to activate because licenses are valid from date issued, which was 2014.