How to send syslog into Splunk?




   I have 10 servers with syslog generated. How do I ingest those syslog into the Splunk server. I have gone through the SC4S document. Do I have to install Splunk Connector for Syslog on all 10 machines ? or Do we have any other best way to ingest the syslog ? Also can we use Secure syslog port 6514 ?

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Hi @Somesh,

you have to configure a receiver on Splunk and configure your 10 servers to send their syslogs to the Splunk Server.

About the way to receive syslogs you have three ways:

  • using SC4S,
  • using rsyslog on the Splunk Server (if Linux) and reading the files with Splunk,
  • use Splunk to ingest syslogs.

the last solution is the easiest because you have only to enable a network input by GUI and it's finished, but reading in Community it isn't encouraged.

Then you can put the receiver on the same Splunk server or in another system: in cases 1 and 2 using a Universal Forwarder, in case 3 you have to use an Heavy Forwarder.

In addition, as you know, syslogs must be taken runtime, otherwise you loose them, so you have to avoid a Single Point of Failure and the best approach is to have two systems as syslog receivers with a Load Balancer as front end to distribute traffic and manage fail over.

In conclusion, only one question: if your 10 servers are standard Windows or Linux Servers, why don't you think to use a Universal Forwarder instead syslogs?

in this case:

  • you have a local cache, so you don't lose logs in case of failure or maintenance, 
  • you have a bandwidht optimization,
  • packets compression,
  • and other advantages.

Usually syslogs are used only from closed appliances as firewalls, proxies, routers or access Points.



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