Would it be possible to obtain a copy of the license, in order to transfer it to the new License Manager?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

As part of the migration of the Splunk infrastructure, would it be possible to obtain a copy of the license, in order to transfer it to the new License Manager

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OK. There are two things here.

The License itself is a legal document. And it's out of scope of this forum. It's up to you and your Splunk representative (which is kinda funny since your account says "Splunk Employee" ;-)) to discuss whether or not you'd be in violation of license agreement terms and provisions in "mid-migration" (for example if you doubled your ingestion rate because you were sending data to both old and new environments, Splunk might not be happy about that; but then again if it's only for a short time, maybe it would be OK; I don't know I never dug that deep into that).

The license key/license file/however you call that, is a piece of digitally signed XML which - after you upload it - is stored on your license manager in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/licenses and is easily transferable between hosts.

So technically - yes, you can copy the file over. Legally - it depends if you should/can do so.

In the simplest case - if you just want to move the LM to another machine while keeping all other components intact, just spin up a new LM, copy the config from the old one (adjusting the server names, certificates and IPs if necessary), point your license peers to a new LM (easy to do if you have config managed with apps, more manual work if you have the config in system/local), after a day or two retire the old LM and you're done.

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