Help! Installed Splunk, but couldn't get it opened/launched properly in my browser.

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I have a Windows 10, 64 bit computer, and I have installed/re-installed Splunk for at least five times but it still didn't work. I have tried the following things:

  • Double clicked right on the C: > Program Files > Splunk > bin > splunk file. A command window appeared and some scripts ran. But after that, nothing happened.
  • Lunched Splunk from Window's command line (splunk restart), and after that, directly went to the browser and put "http://localhost:8000" in the URL. However, the page was blank. Simply blank.
  • Checked the firewall or even anything like whether adblock was running.

What bothers me the most is that, upon successfully installing the program, I was never given the option to check the box for "Create Shortcut Menu", and so I never had Splunk in my "All Programs" entry. Did I do something wrong or miss anything? I could only find the splunk exe file in the bin folder, and as I mentioned above, when I clicked the file, nothing happened.

Please help!!! I need to get it work for my school assignment!!!

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When you install Splunk on a Windows machine, it runs as a service. The GUI for Splunk can only be accessed from a browser.

http://localhost:8000 should be the right address for Splunk if you used all the default options.

If you want to check on Splunk:
First, is Spunk running as a service? It should appear with all the other services running on your Windows machine.
Second, is Splunk using the default ports? Look at C:\Program Files\Splunk\etc\system\local\web.conf
If there is anything in this file that looks like:

startwebserver = 0       # means that there is no web server running (default is 1 - run the web server)
httpport = 80            # means that the web server is running on port 80 (default is 8000)

If the startwebserver setting doesn't appear in the file, that's fine. The httpport setting is required; without it, Splunk will not start the web server.

Also, try a different web browser, as @lukejadamec suggested.

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Splunk Employee

Hi There,

A couple of things in Windows.

Click Start
Check to see if Splunk service is started
Also add localhost:8000 to trusted sites as sometime javascript gets blocked and you are unable to access.

To see if you are listening on the port in a command prompt type
netstat -ano | findstr 8000

If there is a result then look to the far right and their should be a number which is the Process ID

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I've tested Splunk Enterprise version 6.5.0-59c8927def0f-x64 on Windows 10 and it works. The URL http://localhost:8000 also works with IE11.
Which browser are you using?

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