Can I set an app to automatically install an add-on during an upgrade?



So I have an app version1 with sourcetype definitions and eventtypes etc. Later on in version2, I moved those definitions to a separate add-on, so now without the add-on, version2 won't work.

Can I do something in the app version2, so that when user is upgrading, it automatically installs that add-on?

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Re: Can I set an app to automatically install an add-on?


The idea of an app is to encapsulate everything needed for a specific task in one package. I don't think it's possible to install another add-on automatically when one is installed. Why would you want to split the two? If one is needed for the other, then either include it in the package or mention the dependency in the documentation.

What you can do however is check for the add-on when loading a visualization of the app and display a message to the user if the add-on is not found, much like the Splunk on Spunk app does with Sideview Utils.

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