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problem with service status via Azure API

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I'm trying to use Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Office 365 to collect service status from O365 Via azure API. I have configuration that each 5 minutes i'm asking about service status and i have noticed that for a few days in rows it works but afterwards Splunk receive events for certain sourcetype only once per day at 2am. The problem is only with sourcetype: o365:service:status. Another sourcetype form the same addon: sourcetype o365:management:activity works all the time without problem. Has anyone similar problem? There is some limitation here? or Azure API is unstable? addon version 2.0.2, Audit Log Search is enabled.

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Hi Pedro,

I was just having the same issue. And I also found an article on the Microsoft page telling, that those logs are always 24h delayed. 


They also say there, we need to use the messages to get new updates during the day. So I modified the search on the "Microsoft 365 App for Splunk" App. They are using at the moment this search to display the latest status:

index=azure `o365_service_status` | stats latest(FeatureStatus{}.FeatureServiceStatusDisplayName) AS Status by WorkloadDisplayName | rename WorkloadDisplayName AS Workload | sort - Status


If I update to this search, it works for me:

(index=azure (sourcetype="o365:service:status" OR (sourcetype="o365:service:message" FeatureDisplayName="*"))) 
| stats latest(Status) AS Status by WorkloadDisplayName | rename WorkloadDisplayName AS Workload | sort - Status


As you can see I had to use the other sourcetype, plust another field in the stats.

Hope that helps you too.

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