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mvexpand & split command not working on JSON data



I have JSON data, which seems to be properly prased. I have a field which holds multiple IPs in a new lined when seen in formatted events and seperated with \n when seen in un-formatted.

Check the below screenshot

alt text

I am unable to use mvexpand or split or even i tried to use makemv command but it doesn't work as expected.

Any clue, how to handle this situation, when i do a stats or table i want IPs as multivalued whereas currently it is displayed as just a text with IPs separated with space.

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@ashish9433 I am also facing the same issue where splunk is unable to run split and mvexpand on the json data. Did you find a resolution to your question? If so, could you share it?

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What is your log?
If not, ask another question.

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maybe something like this:

... | rex "\"ips\"\:\"(?<all_ips>[^\"]+)"
this will capture all ips as a long string and assign it as a value to the field: "all_ips">
now go to the makemv and mvexpand
... | makemv all_ips delim = "\n" | mvexpand all_ips

hope it helps

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