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blacklist not working



I have an inputs.conf that is picking up a file that I want blacklisted. The file name is summary_1.diag. I thought this would filter it out. Any suggestions?

sourcetype = STCommunityTraceLogs_diag
index = euc_sametimedata
disabled = false
followTail = 0
crcSalt = <SOURCE>
blacklist = summary_*.diag
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I think that your problem lies in the blacklist regex;

* is a quantifier which means 'match the preceding character zero or more times', and . (dot) means 'match any character' (including a literal dot). So summary_*.diag means summary followed by zero or more underscores, followed by a single character, followed by diag. This will match the following (and a lot of other strings);


However, it can not match summary_1.diag. A regex that matches summary_, followed by numbers, followed by .diag would look like;



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